absurd scenography

Refurbishment of the Arcub Theatre
The theme of this project was to redesign the interior of the Arcub theatre, located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. Being given the actual plan, we had to improve both the aesthetics and functionality of the existing theatre (acoustics, visibility, etc.) thus creating a transformable hall with two types of stages: proscenium stage and arena stage. Therefore, the aim was to create a multipurpose hall that can host a variety of shows from concerts, theatre plays to contemporary dances

Scenography for The bald soprano by Eugène Ionesco  
‘Like many plays in the theatre of the absurd genre, the underlying theme of The Bald Soprano is not immediately apparent. Many suggest that it expresses the futility of meaningful communication in modern society’.

Therefore, the set was all painted in red, a hot, strong, stimulating color that represents excitement and passion that the characters assert while talking nonsense. Two mirrors are positioned lateral forming the infinity mirror effect that only intensifies the absurdity of the situation. The play opens on Mrs. Smith reciting the events of the night with Mr. Smith and it ends the same way, thus suggesting a never-ending cycle. One scenario that is forever on repeat.

Scenography for Rhinoceros by Eugène Ionesco  
Another example of post-war avant-garde drama, Rhinoceros is also part of The Theatre of the Absurd. Throughout the three acts, the inhabitants of a small, provincial French town turn into rhinoceroses. The choice of setting the play on an arena stage gives the actors a higher mobility area, and spaces to explore besides the actual stage. The scenography for this play is a minimalist one, realised from a stainless steel frame suggesting the office from which  Mrs. Bœuf and Bérenger notice that the city was taken over by rhinoceros.

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