andreea cornila/ design studio

Andreea Cornila is a dynamic studio that aims to transcend the visual narrative, by creating thorough experiences in both interior and product design fields.  The studio was founded in Bucharest in 2019, by Romanian designer Andreea Cornila, who is an interior architecture graduate from the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism.

Andreea Cornila has a multisensory approach, which oversteps design’s functional, essential role, and gains a deeper, emotional value.  

‘Nowadays we have complex resources to create design projects that trigger more than the visual sense. I enjoy focusing on the kinesthetic characteristics of a product, making it flexible – through a well-balanced fusion of colour, material, and form.’

‘I value my role as a designer, having the chance to enhance people’s lives, by creating unique objects and spaces, which follow two essential principles– simplicity and balance.’

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