Materials & colours

Slinky’s origin

These blooming springs are a throwback to the iconic toy, invented by Richard James in the early 1940s. It's simplicity and timeless qualities are now expressed through various height springs, with individual tabletops and plant pots, all painted in a light gradient, with a soft matte surface. Slinky becomes a floating plant stand for your favourite green arrangements or takes the form of a sleek side table - both enhancing its sinuous shape and sensory features. Slinky’s versatile components can also be combined separately, allowing its user to interact directly with the collection. 


Materials & colours

Most of Slinky’s components are made by local artisans in Romania. The planters are hand-spun from a single sheet of aluminium, while the springs are made from an elastic type of steel, which allows them to be flexible on touch. Along with the aluminium tabletops, the elements of the collection are finished with high-quality paint and coating, which assures that these bouncy pieces are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Slinky in context


Care for Slinky

Slinky in context:

custom Slinky

Care for Slinky

Both aluminium and steel components of Slinky can be maintained by using a clean, damp cloth. If necessary, you can use a mild detergent with water. 

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Custom Slinky

You can have your Slinky personalized in any colour you wish for. Tell us what you have in mind! 

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